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  ...Inundating you with knowledge

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With over 27 years (+) of comprehensive experience in the Environmental, Health, and Safety field, Perception Environmental, Inc. has conducted hundreds of indoor environmental air quality assessments, mold investigations, industrial hygiene sampling, OSHA compliance auditing, health and safety plan developments, asbestos and lead paint surveys, abatement monitoring, and environmental risk assessments.

In addition to conducting local and out of state work, Perception has conducted environmental work internationally throughout Canada and Puerto Rico. Conducting building inspections for mold, asbestos and lead based paint, monitored abatement, Manufacturing Plant Decommissioning and remediation projects for public, private and governmental entities, food processing plants, attorneys, expert witness and is an authorized instructor by the State of Illinois Environmental Program to instruct asbestos ad lead related disciplines. 


Continue to be a productive leader in our industry and a major player in our environmental market.

Perception's founder has built a successful career based upon long-standing reputation. Reputation is one of the most valuable assets for the providing, streamline, un-obstructive project completion. 

Provide cost-effective products valuable to customers with quality, integrity and safety through environmental responsibility in the management of their assets, projects and systems, resulting in recurring referrals.

Kiss Principle

Most importantly here at Perception we utilize the
KISS Principle...Keep It Simple...simplicity should be a key goal of any project.


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